1 Day Remote Tour on the Island Venture from Hervey Bay

Adults from $175

See the unspoilt beauty of the western side of Fraser Island on this relaxing tour & cruise!

* Peak pricing includes whale watching July - October!

​Be one of the few lucky people to see the western side of Fraser Island - an untouched and unique side of the island.

Avoid the crowds on the eastern side of Fraser, forget the rigid time tables and all the rushing from sight to sight to sight. On the 1 Day Remote Fraser Island Tour on the Island Venture you will experience and see the remote and hidden parts of Fraser Island in a comfortable, relaxing and exciting way.

On the Island Venture you will be able to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Wathumba Creek and enjoy a host of activities including kayaking, swimming, snorkeling with the turtles, beach fishing and enjoying a bush walk on Fraser Island.

Or you can simply relax and take all the beauty in while our friendly and accredited staff tell you all about the history of Fraser Island as well as about its natural fauna and flora including turtles, dolphins, birds and the diverse vegetation of Fraser Island.

All equipment and activities are included in the price of the tour! *Please note that this is not a sightseeing tour and does NOT see the Eastern Side of Fraser Island where popular sights such as Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, the Maheno Shipwreck & 75 Mile Beach are located. Tours that sees these sights include the 1 Day Fraser Explorer Tour and the 1 Day Premium Fraser Explorer Tour*


  • Cake/Biscuits & Tea + Coffee
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Antipasto & Tropical Fruit Platter
  • Experienced Tour Guide
  • Comfortable saloon with licensed bar
  • Courtesy Pick-up from Accommodation
  • National Park Fees
  • Bush and Beach Walks
  • Snorkeling and Swimming
  • Kayaking

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Availability: Daily year round. Peak season includes whale watching!


​Peak Season is the whale watching season which runs July 15 - October 29 inclusive.

Ticket Details Price
Adults Pricing valid until 31 March 2019 $175
New Pricing from 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 $185
Children (4-14 yrs) Pricing valid until 31 March 2019 $100
New Pricing from 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 $110
Concession Pricing valid until 31 March 2019 $165
New Pricing from 01 April 2019 to 27 October 2019. $175 from 28 October 2019 to 31 March 2020 $185
Family (2+2) Pricing valid until 31 March 2019 $510
New Pricing from 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 $550


Group Size: 20 max

  • Power catamaran

Rated: 43210 (4.6/5 based on 14 customer reviews)

54321 we had a wonderfull day today. From kayaking in creeks to snorkling with Turtles (ok, one turtle but I've got it on film!). The lunch was fine and the afternoon with kayaking and the tube ride was great fun. Thanks to a great staff. (please remove the first review with the one star/my fault).
Jos Meijer — 7 February, 2019

14321 We had a wonderfull day today. From kayaking in creeks to snorkling with Turtless. Ok, one turtle but I've got it on film! The lunch was fine and the afternoon with kayaking and the tube ride was also great fun. Thanks to a perfect crew!
Jos Meijer — 7 February, 2019

54321 What a fantastic day and an absolute highlight of our trip. Friendly staff and generous food on board the boat. The activities were fantastic and not rushed at all. We were able to snorkel (me for the first time) and we even saw a sea turtle! An unforgettable day. Thank you so much.
Kay — 18 January, 2019

54321 This day was the highlight of our holiday. My boys absolutely loved the activities - in this order - tubing, snorkeling, hill climb, kayaking, lagoon dip. Perfect day for active boys. Caro was correct - we all slept well that night!! Special thanks to Caro, Millie and Lloyd who helped me get in and out of Sealegs all day long, crutches and all. They were so friendly and patient and accomodating. Highly recommend this the remote Fraser Island tour. We will be back!! :-)
Dana, Zac & Tobie — 13 December, 2018

54321 What a fabulous day. When we found the Turtle and swam along with him I felt very emotional. Great staff and a great group (one was a 3 month old baby called Edgar) of people with so many laughs. All went smoothly with lots of opportunities to make our day special. Food very nice and of course I would highly recommend this experience. Big thanks to the crew.
Hazel mullings — 17 November, 2018

32121 The Tour was absolutly amazing! The staff was always ready to make your experiances special, friendly, personal and helpful. We spent hours of watching the amazing and beautiful whales and then the big surprise: We could jump into the wetsuits and slip Info the water to snorkel with five whales. An experiance I'll never forget. But in some points I was a little disappointed: The day trip was about 10 hours, but actually we didn't spent more than 1,5 hour on the Fraser Island. Snorkeling was around 15 min - Kajaking, too. The spots were very beautiful and I'd habe love to see more of the island itself. The walk was just up to a nice sand dune and a few meters along the beach. I would have wished more time in the island, because this is, what I've booked - FRASER ISLAND TOUR. But I'm happy, too, because of the snorkeling with the whales.
Anne — 13 August, 2018

54321 What a great experience had an amazing day. Whale watching conoeing some people swan with the whales (not me. Too cold ). The veiw from the top of the sand dune. Great friendly helpful knowledgeable staff. Will recommend to everyone
Ida Kennedy — 11 August, 2018

54321 this was a 100% fun tour, the team worked like a swiss watch to make the day amazing! thanks a lot foks
chris and lorna — 20 July, 2018

54321 A truly fantastic day with the remote tour group today! It was so nice to see the remoteness and untouched beauty of Fraser Island...without all of the people! The day ran really smoothly, activities from walking up the sand dune for the view, to kayaking, to snorkelling with sting rays and turtles! And lots of fish! And also seeing humpback dolphins as we came back into the harbour. The lunch and snacks topped it all off! The crew were so friendly and relaxed which made the day even better. Thank you for giving us an amazing experience...our favourite one of Australia! Luke and Eva, UK
Eva Averill — 26 January, 2018

54321 Carolina and her colleagues went out of their way to give us an exceptional experience. Even though the tour group was small to begin with, we were divided into even smaller groups for snorkelling and kayaking up a beautiful creek - we felt like we were the only people to ever set foot in these outstandingly beautiful spaces. The crew took great care to keep us comfortable, warm and well fed.. They shared their wealth of information about the natural environment and the whales which we saw. We definitely recommend this tour.
Ulla Thomas — 28 July, 2017

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54321 My son and I did the one day remote tour last Sunday. One word - exceptional. The three staff / crew were extremely friendly and professional, and also had so much knowledge of Fraser Island. There was a lovely older couple on the same tour, and the crew went to so much effort in assisting them, and making sure they could be as involved as possible through the day. Nothing ever seem to be an issue for any of the crew. The boat was very clean, and all activities through the day were timed with precision. Lunch was awesome, and the beer was cheaper than most pubs in Hervey Bay. I would be happy to recommend this company and this tour to anyone. In particular, any one or family that might be time poor, and only have one day to fit in as much as possible, this would be the perfect day. Geoff Lang
Geoff — 20 June, 2017

54321 The cruise up the west coast of the island past Moon Point, as far as Wathumba, was in bright sunshine. The sand cliffs rose from the white sand beaches in bands of colour from deep brown dark chocolate rocks through various shades of orange and yellow and topped with vegetation. The water was an aqua blue when we moored off the mouth of Yeerall Creek. We then swapped the kayak for goggles and snorkel and took a float across the low, shallow bay which is the opening of Wathumba. We were nervous but soon adapted and after seeing her first few rays, I was loving every moment but when the big sea turtle swam past, she was more than a little amazed. We were taken across to the front beach, where we swam in the clearest, bluest water across the whitest sand for nearly an hour. Returning to the boat, a BBQ lunch of steaks, chicken kebabs and snags accompanied by four different salads, in quantities that only diminished when we'd had enough, was well received. After lunch, we moved to another beach to the south, behind which Awinya Creek runs back into the island. This is a pure freshwater creek, which rises as a spring so there is no saltwater in the creek. It is much narrower, barely wide enough for the kayaks but we found out a lots of information about the island from our guide Karl. Returning to the beach, I'm ashamed to say the highlight of the day was our manic ride on a biscuit behind the Sealegs. This amazing little craft is a high speed boat in the water and a three wheel drive beach vehicle on the sand. In its water configuration, it towed us at high speed on our inflated rubber platform.
Peter Langston — 6 April, 2015

54321 My family & I had a wonderful day. 5 star treatment. The children loved the activities & all rated it ' the best'. Thank you for a fantastic day.
Edna Leech — 27 April, 2014

54321 I’ve been to Fraser Island, but not seen anything like this before! Thanks for the awesome day.
Kate Ernst — 24 October, 2012


The below itinerary can change due to tides and weather.

Day 1

Boarding & Departure from Great Sandy Straits Marina, Hervey Bay

7:15am – 7:30am

Wathumba Creek

Crystal clear hidden creek!

Visit Awinya or Bowarrady Creek

Enjoy Cake/Biscuits & Tea + Coffee for Morning Tea

9km of White Sandy Beaches

Enjoy Delicious Buffet Lunch

Enjoy a guided Rainforest Walk

Access the beach in our Amphibious Water Craft

Enjoy a Tropical Fruit Platter & Antipasto Platter for Afternoon Tea

Return back to Urangan Marina, Hervey Bay


Tour Map

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