Lake McKenzie Tours

With its pure silica sands and low pH waters, Lake McKenzie is a favourite amongst travellers.

Fraser Island’s Jewel

Include a tour to Lake McKenzie to see the “jewel” of Fraser Island. Lake McKenzie is an ocean scene, like the spectacular Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays. The bonus Lake McKenzie offers is the unique experience to swim in a large, crystal-clear freshwater lake. Its brilliant sapphire hues and enticing cool water, that never strays warmer than 23ºC even in Summer, will live in your memory forever.

The pure white silica sand you will enjoy on a tour to Lake McKenzie has rejuvenating properties and is luxurious underfoot. It also beautifully frames the view.

During a tour to Lake McKenzie, you will find the perfect scene for your favourite holiday photo. The colours of the sand, water and paperbark trees work together to create a wonderful palette and dreamy landscape recognised around the world.

Whether you prefer to walk around the lake, play beach volleyball on its soft sands or swim to its centre, visitors understand the rare and pristine beauty of Lake McKenzie.

Lake McKenzie stands out from other Fraser Island lakes like Lake Wabby and Lake Birrabean. It has an unusual ecosystem where very little animal life exists so while there are no turtle or waterbird sightings, its shoreline is free of weeds, adding to its unique pristine feel.

Lake McKenzie ranks on many traveller’s bucket lists. Please allow us to ensure this special jewel is included in your Fraser Island experience.

Features that make a tour to Lake McKenzie so special

• Taking a swim in a freshwater paradise

• Feeling the silky white sand beneath your toes and on your skin

• Photograph like a professional

• Experiencing a truly unique lake and bucket list item