Lake McKenzie

With its pure silica sands and low pH waters, Lake McKenzie is a favourite amongst travellers.

Enjoy clear waters in perhaps the world’s most unique natural swimming pool at Lake McKenzie on your Fraser Island tour. Lake McKenzie is one of the most desirable places to visit as its beauty is close to paradise. Relax in paradise and take a swim in the crystal clear. Lake McKenzie contains only rainwater, it is not fed by streams and does not flow to the ocean. The sand here is pure, white silica and is not only beautiful to look at but feels beautifully soft to walk on. The sand and organic matter at the base of the lake form an impervious layer, preventing rainwater from draining away. The sand acts as a filter, giving the water its clarity and helping to make the water so pure it can support very little life.

Lake McKenzie is a very popular sight on Fraser Island, during the peak season the lake can be overpopulated with tourist. Some tour companies and in-the-know visitors visit the smaller and equally as beautiful Lake Birrabeen.

Lake McKenzie is located 6.2 km southeast of Kingfisher Resort. It is 1,200 metres long and up to 930 metres wide.

Tours that visit Lake McKenzie

Departing from Gold Coast